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Reassembling Service
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Daydreamer Reassembling Service



A paid service that offers reassembling the loose daydreamer doll with the new tension cords.
S hook exchanging will be applied if needed.

:: For the safety issue of the shipping, the box and the cushion are required.
   Please send the default box and cushions when ship the body to Daydream,
   Daydream default box and cushions can be purchased through the additional option, if it is damaged or lost..





* Instruction for Daydream Aftercare * 



step 1  Purchase the desired aftercare service through Daydream website


step 2  Send the appointed product to the address below


            - Daydream

              Gyeonggi Goyangsi Ilsan Seogu Joongangro 1557 Samwoon Trua #525

              South Korea


              Postal Code: 10381

              Phone: +82-70-4384-5294


             (Order Number and Customer Name must be included)


step 3  Product Inspection and customer contact for the confirmation

            (an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that shown on the order page)






step 4  Completed product will be sent back to the customer





:: Aftercare rrder can be cancelled if desired product is not notified by customer in 5 business days.


:: Please be advised that the order can not be cancelled when the service process is begin.

:: 7 business days from the customer's confirmation will be required to prepare.

   Preparation period can be rescheduled by the certain circumstances.




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