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Daydreamer Customzied Make-up Service



A paid make-up service that offers new and clean default make-up for the damaged or worned out daydreamer head.
Default eyes are not included.




:: As an additional option, make-up cleansing service with the discounted price.

:: If customer sends the desired eyes with the head, eyes will be attached with the Daydream eye clay.




* Instruction for Daydream Aftercare * 



step 1  Purchase the desired aftercare service through Daydream website


step 2  Send the appointed product to the address below


            - Daydream

              Gyeonggi Goyangsi Ilsan Seogu Jungang-ro 1557 Samwoon Trua #1025

              South Korea


              Postal Code: 10381

              Phone: +82-70-4384-5294


             (Order Number and Customer Name must be included)


step 3  Product Inspection and customer contact for the confirmation

            (an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that shown on the order page)




step 4  Completed product will be sent back to the customer





:: Aftercare rrder can be cancelled if desired product is not notified by customer in 5 business days.


:: Please be advised that the order can not be cancelled when the service process is begin.

:: 7 business days from the customer's confirmation will be required to prepare.

   Preparation period can be rescheduled by the certain circumstances.




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